dilluns, 12 de març de 2012

Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all

'Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all'

Think, think about your life. Visualize every piece of it: look how it shines, admire how it smiles to you, how it tells you that show must go on, that you just  can't stop there. But, well,  I certainly know how you feel: devastated, broken, tired: without nothing to fight for,  like if there's no reason you should change yourself ...right?

There's something a wise man told me somewhen, somewhere, and I'd like you to read:  'You should look at you, at your life, at your doings, through the eyes of others, through  the sight of the ones you care about... If you do, then you'll probably start to see how life gets better: how special, crazy and unique you are.' And the fact, is that it works. If you start doing what the quoted man says, you'll just realize what you knew before, but you were looking at through the wrong side of the glass. You're special! You are worth living for! You make other people feel emotions you haven't even experienced! And that's it with every single person on Earth, so admire your species mates, they are all as beautiful as you are, love them, take care of them. They will do the same with you. Life gets easier if we simplify it. Be water, be human, be happy. 

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